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The ‘testy’ Ryan video was about urban policy not media bias

Video ricocheted around the Web Monday of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan "getting testy" with a Flint, Michigan, ABC reporter who asked him about urban gun violence. Ryan was presented by the Huffington Post as acting inappropriately in the interview out of disdain for the "liberal media." That's not exactly what was happening. There is a lot more to it worth considering.

Marianne Gingrich-ABC News bomb set to rain down on Gingrich campaign

Marianne Gingrich, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's "second ex-wife"-- as the promotional material puts it-- unloaded on the former House Speaker as a philandering hypocrite in an interview with ABC's Brian Ross scheduled to air tonight on “Nightline.” The much-anticipated interview comes as Gingrich's candidacy is surging and just a day before South Carolina primary voters will head to the polls.

ABC’s Karl on Weiner’s phony outrage

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl did a sit-down interview with embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner days ago, back when Weiner was still determinedly following the exact wrong script on how to weather a political scandal, lying up and down about how photos of his crotch ended up on the internet, denying the undeniable and preening with faux outrage at Karl and other members of the press for asking questions. Karl, though, has more than a barrel of ink at his disposal to set the record straight. Yesterday he sent out an email blast to reporters around the country that included video excerpts and a transcript from the interview. "At the time, it seemed that the most remarkable part was when he told me he could not say for sure whether or not it was him in that infamous underwear photograph," Karl writes.

ABC reporter arrested taking pictures of senators, big donors

A cigar-chomping sheriff arrested an ABC News reporter who was taking pictures of Democratic senators and big donors from a sidewalk outside the Brown Palace Hotel on Wednesday, Brian Ross reports on the network's blog.
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