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WATCH: Caldara to Romanoff: Really, why should Democrats vote for you?

The libertarian GOP-supporting Independence Institute's Jon Caldara interviewed Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff for this week's edition of Caldara's politics talk show "Independent...

Ritter shares out budget pain, lifts business tax exemptions

DENVER-- Gov. Bill Ritter signed nine pieces of controversial legislation into law Wednesday that suspended or eliminated tax breaks for businesses. Ritter is attempting to balance a state budget billions in the red due to recession-era declining tax revenues. The bills he signed Wednesday drew sharp protest from Republican lawmakers who said they were bad for business and recommended additional program cuts on top of the historic cuts already made in the last year. The tax bills will generate $15.6 million in revenue this fiscal year and $132.6 million next fiscal year.

Colorado’s legislative leadership picks could include some surprises

And you thought the election was over? Colorado lawmakers are meeting today to pick new leaders charged with keeping the Capitol running smoothly, and, with Democrat Bernie Buescher unexpectedly out of the picture, a couple of surprises are in store for the donkeys. Over on the Republican side, a reported coup may be in the works.

Secretive ‘clean government’ group dings Tapia in new ad

A campaign criticized for refusing to disclose its financial supporters recently purchased a series of television attack ads targeting "backroom deals for political insiders," the first of which assails a Democratic state senator for failing to disclose his financial ties to specific legislation.

‘O’ say can this save Colorado’s constitutional mayhem?

Of all the items on Colorado's leviathan ballot this year, Referendum O is the only one that seeks to save the state's voters from contending with similarly massive ballots in the future.

Colorado ballot chock-full this year

With the longest ballot in the country this year, Colorado voters will face a dizzying list of 18 questions come November. But impassioned, signature-gathering citizens aren't the only ones to blame for packing the mondo ballot. Four of the questions were placed on the ballot by the state legislature. Called referenda, this year's items deal with state government rules and procedures. And, in a grand twist, one of them makes it harder for citizens to amend the state's constitution via the initiative process.

Colorado’s Constitution 2008: Reform Or Dry-Cash Cow?

Yes, Colorado has one of the easiest constitutions in the country to change. Yes, a bipartisan bevy of lawmakers want reform, and they want...

Immigrant Rights Groups Rally Opposition to Farmworker Bill

In what is sure to be a rousing committee hearing later today, lawmakers will debate a controversial proposal to create a state system to...

Tapia Part III: Winning Hard Hearts With Specifics

This is the last in a three-part interview with Colorado's Joint Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Abel Tapia, who sat down earlier this week to...

Tapia Part II: Leading The World Costs Money

This is the second in a three-part interview with Colorado's Joint Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Abel Tapia, who sat down earlier this week with...
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