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Ugly independent political spending in Colorado tripled in the last election...

It will come as no surprise to Coloradans force-fed a fire-hose stream of ugly and untrustworthy campaign election material over the last two years that independent spending-- spending directly tied to no candidate and mostly free of accountability-- more than tripled in the state from 2008 to 2010. This according to a recent report released by watchdog group Follow the Money, which singles out Colorado for study. The authors report that, although the state has relatively strong disclosure laws, larger changes in campaign finance rules have let loose here as everywhere in the country a storm of money and a sea of roiling paperwork that can cover over as much as it reveals.

Ugly attack mailer battle moves to House District 34

A smear war waging between independent political groups has moved south from House District 50, which includes Greeley on the northern Front Range, to House District 34, just north of Denver. The similarly named groups, Accountability for Colorado on the left and Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government on the right, have sent out ugly mailers the last few weeks stretching the truth to the breaking point.

Hasan running richest state house race in Colorado

Republican State House District 56 candidate Ali Hasan has spent more on his campaign than any other state House candidate this year, and according to the Vail Daily, may be on track to set a new high-water mark for a Colorado legislative race.
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