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Wiretap: Here comes the Trump pivot as he now turns to...

Donald Trump wants to build a new wall, this time to keep the legal immigrants out. It's a metaphorical wall this go-round. And, in...

Littwin: Too big to dog whistle

This was not only the easy and obvious thing to do. It was, in fact, the only thing to do.

Wiretap: You can’t wish away racial inequality

Justice Sotomayor explains to the Chief Justice. And here's an American/Fox News thought experiment: What if welfare rancher Cliven Bundy were black?

Blaspheming MLK? It’s all part of the ‘Tea Party’

Unreported remarks by Independence Institute president Jon Caldara at the Denver "Tea Party" protest may have brought wild cheers from the teabagging throng. But the invoking of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech — after Caldara and crew attempted to repeal affirmative action protections in Colorado — is nothing short of abhorrent.

Amendment 46 to repeal affirmative action loses despite hefty odds

After a two day post-election limbo, Colorado's Amendment 46 failed yesterday on a slim margin. The so-called Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is the first anti-affirmative action amendment propped by California businessman Ward Connerly to make it onto a state ballot and flop. The significance is not lost on Amendment 46's detractors. "I am thrilled," says Melissa Hart, a University of Colorado law professor who co-ran the Vote No on 46 campaign. "Given that everyone kept telling us we couldn't do it, it is exciting that we did."

Hickenlooper says ‘no’ to Amendment 46

Today at 2 p.m., Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will speak out against the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, a ballot measure that will destroy public affirmative action programs statewide.

Anti-Ward Connerly TV spot debuts in Colorado

With less than six weeks until voters are asked to weigh in on the controversial Amendment 46 to end affirmative action in Colorado, a Washington D.C. group has joined the fray. The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, a progressive organization that investigates conservative ballot measures, has released a TV ad in Colorado and Nebraska. The spot slams Ward Connerly, the California businessman behind the anti-affirmative action initiatives in both states. Connerly had tried to launch similar projects in three other states this year, but failed to get them onto the ballots.

Obama and McCain on the issues

With Barack Obama and John McCain less than three weeks away from their first presidential debate, Stateline.org, a nonpartisan online news site, has come up with a virtual tete-a-tete between the two candidates.

Weekend Update: Top Stories from the Week that Was

From man camps to affirmative action and the ever-silent Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, Colorado Confidential is on the story.A profile of Ward Connerly by...

50,000 Watts of Hate: Race-baiting Edition

It's been an especially disgraceful couple of weeks on Colorado conservative talk radio. All that was missing was a minstrel show with Al Jolson...
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