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Cracking Colorado’s rural healthcare conundrum

On the eastern plains, patients outnumber their doctors 5,000 to one. That is about the same ratio at which patients out number doctors in Afghanistan. In Denver that ratio is just over 1,300 to one. The Health Institute estimates that a single primary care doctor working full time can reasonably serve only 1,900 patients.

It takes two to tango: attack ads already dominate Colorado Senate...

Just over a week ago, conservative PAC Americans for Prosperity released an ad slamming incumbent U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall for his support of the Affordable Care Act. Today, Udall's campaign responded in kind.

The deadline approacheth!

A week. That's how long some 250,000 Coloradans have to purchase themselves some Presidentially-approved, federally-mandated health insurance on the internet.

In Obamacare political battle, policy cancellation numbers hard to match

Republicans in the Colorado legislature looking to rail against Obamacare this election season will relish a statistical advantage.

Colorado AG joins anti-Obamacare birth control case

Suthers is siding with the craft store corporation Hobby Lobby, arguing that the mandate trammels the constitutional religious freedom rights.

Gardner’s insurer: He can go on the exchange, get a Bronze...

The chief marketer for Rocky Mountain Health Plans said policy-holder Congressman Cory Gardner can choose from a "ton" of different plans offered by the company on the state's "Obamacare" exchange and that he'd find a comparable plan.

Much of Colorado Obamacare exchange launch happened off-line

On Tuesday, much of the action tied to Colorado's brand-new internet-hosted healthcare exchange happened offline. That was always the plan and it was a good plan, too.

Wiretap: Shutdown limbo

We're sticking with shutdown news as the House GOP sticks with the shutdown -- unless we blink, because we don't want to watch it. Because who can watch it? But we have to watch it. Because we can't look away!

National small-business group decries shutdown politics

Political brinkmanship around the Affordable Care Act is bad for business, creating a domino effect of lost confidence that is already cutting into the most profitable quarter of the year, according to the Small Business Majority.

Kaiser transgender coverage a prelude to larger healthcare changes

There was confusion and neglect and resistance and now that’s starting to change. Major health care insurer Kaiser Permanente has announced it would no longer exclude transgender Coloradans from treatment.
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