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Poll: Opposition to health care reform falling

Opposition to health care reform has sharply declined in recent weeks, according to a new survey from polling company Rasmussen Reports.

Health exchange bill passes even as debate centers on Affordable Care...

Republicans attacked a bipartisan bill to set up a health benefit exchange in Colorado with a 3rd reading poison-pill amendment Wednesday while calling the bill an extension of the Federal program. Democrats voting to pass it said that the bill was anything but that.

Democrats say AARP investigation is politically motivated

AARP support of health care reform draws House investigation of non-profit's tax status. Democrats call foul.

Fact-checking healthcare myths on the anniversary of Obamacare

During this, the anniversary week of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, supporters and opponents offered their love or hate for the law; though largely hate got the most press.

Bill coming soon to establish Colorado health exchange

A bipartisan bill that would develop the specifics of a Colorado health exchange will be introduced late this week or early next week according to bill sponsor Sen. Betty Boyd, D-Lakewood.

Study says Affordable Care Act will have huge positive impact on...

Colorado House Republicans Tuesday introduced a bill to enable Colorado to opt out of participation in the Affordable Care Act. The bill would cause Colorado to join in an interstate compact with several other states that do not want to participate in the federal health care plan.

Judge says Affordable Care Act does not violate religious freedom

A federal judge in the District of Columbia ruled today that Obama's health care plan, the Affordable Care Act, does not violate the plaintiff's freedom of religion. Plaintiffs had argued that they did not need insurance because they relied on God to protect them.

Mixed-bag Anthem settlement and Obamacare funds put insurers on notice

Although a large portion of the $20 million that health insurance giant Anthem Wellpoint agreed to pay Colorado policyholders will simply funnel back to Anthem, the settlement and the new $1 million that Colorado insurance industry regulators will receive this year through the new health reform legislation sends a strong message to insurers to deal fairly in the state, according to consumer advocates and commissioners at the state's regulatory Division of Insurance.
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