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Wiretap: Afghanistan War vets struggle to save themselves

Shell shock The war still isn't over for those in the 2/7 Marine Battalion, which was at the center of the fighting in Afghanistan. In...

Huge majority says compromise needed to keep government up and running–further...

A new Bloomberg News poll indicates that nearly 8 in 10 Americans believe that legislators should reach a compromise on the federal budget in order to avert a government shutdown.

Polis joins Republicans Coffman, Lamborn voting against war funding

Talk about strange bedfellows. Tuesday night, liberal Democrat Jared Polis joined Colorado's two Republicans -- U.S. Reps. Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn -- voting against the $106 billion Iraq-Afghanistan war funding bill, which narrowly passed the House of Representatives on a 226-202 vote with strong Democratic support. The remainder of the state's House members, all four Democrats, voted for the bill.

DeGette speaks out after Afghanistan fact-finding trip on women’s rights

The erosion of human rights in war-torn Afghanistan spurred Denver U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, a vocal critic of the Iraq War, last week to support an $91.3 billion supplemental budget, that largely funds an $85 billion military spending package for the dual wars there and in Iraq.
The budget bill, however, comes at a delicate time for U.S.-Afghan relations. DeGette spoke to The Colorado Independent about a historic fact-finding mission to Kabul and the Kandahar Province by a bipartisan delegation of six women members of Congress. The trip was organized following international outcry when the Afghan government passed a proposed law in February that legalizes marital rape and violates fundamental women's rights.

The ultimate Bush Administration torture timeline

The New York Times and Sunday morning political talk shows are contorting themselves into linguistically-torturous positions in a feeble attempt to avoid using the word "torture" to describe the immoral and criminal techniques employed at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and CIA black sites against suspected al Qaeda-linked prisoners. Now, Foreign Policy magazine has produced the euphemism-free "ultimate guide to the Bush Administration's journey to the dark side."

Obama strategy deepens U.S. committment to Afghanistan, Pakistan

The Obama administration recast the seven-year-long war in Afghanistan on Friday with a deepened commitment to both Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan.

Democracy Now! takes a look at ‘preventable’ deaths at Fort Carson

Tonight's episode of Democracy Now! discusses the "unprecedented number of deaths" -- both suicides and homicides -- at Fort Carson in Colorado following an Army report that record numbers of soldiers took their own lives last year.

Udall pushes Defense Secy Gates on counterinsurgency

Newly arrived Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) asks a question close to my heart: How can Defense Secretary Bob Gates institutionalize the counterinsurgency lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan?

U.S. military officials carp about British troops in Afghanistan

Following on our Dec. 15 story that international military-humanitarian coordination problems are sinking U.S. success in Afghanistan, a new UPI report claims that there is more grumbling about Britain's counterinsurgency efforts in the perpetually troubled Helmand Province.

Why we’re failing in Afghanistan

When it takes seven bone-jarring hours to drive just 90 miles over war-scarred dirt roads from Kabul to the troubled Helmand Province in southwest Afghanistan, the complexity of the intertwined U.S. diplomatic and military missions becomes clear pretty fast.
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