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Wiretap: The Islamic State is not al-Qaeda

A new CNN poll is out saying a majority of Americans don't approve of the way Obama is handling the war with ISIS. If...

The real scandal: Shouting al-Qaeda on a crowded TV news set

David Kirkpatrick's great piece on the Benghazi attack has GOP critics all shaken up. Is it possible they had it all wrong? (Just nod quietly, the NSA could be listening.)

Colorado Muslims Disgusted with Biased Clements Murder Coverage

News surrounding the murder Tuesday of Colorado Department of Corrections Chief Tom Clements centers now on white supremacist suspect Evan Ebel, who was captured clinically dead yesterday afternoon in a hail of bullets after a 100 mile-per-hour car chase ended in a wreck near Fort Worth, Texas.

White House adviser: Time is now to take out terror

Small-scale terrorism attacks may be here to stay but with al Qaeda reeling from Osama bin Laden's death, the United States could deliver a “knockout” blow to the terror group if several of its senior leaders are captured or killed, according to homeland security experts who spoke in Aspen last week.

Udall, DeGette commend Obama Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan, hoped for more

The senior Democratic members of Colorado's congressional delegation, Senator Mark Udall and Representative Diana DeGette, applauded President Obama for announcing Wednesday night that he would be withdrawing roughly 30,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by November of next year, a commitment he had made when he ordered the same number of troops into battle as part of the "surge" last year. The two lawmakers expressed frustration, however, that the president had not been more bold in seeking to draw down U.S. commitments in the country.

Colorado delegation responds to president’s Afghanistan speech

President Obama gave a long-awaited address Tuesday night at West Point Military Academy on his plan for the war in Afghanistan. It was a speech bound to disappoint and it did, it seems, at least partly on both the left and the right. Among the responses from the Colorado delegation in D.C., Sen. Mark Udall, one of the most supportive of the president's vision, also felt obliged at one point to respond in advance to constituent dissent. "We must acknowledge the complex choices we face. It is important for us all to keep in mind that no one has all the right answers." Rep. Ed Perlmutter, who also offered support for the president's strategy, said he planned to travel to Afghanistan in the coming months to gain additional insight of his own. Full video of the speech and a roundup of responses after the jump.

In wake of Denver arrest, talk radio’s Silverman promotes ethnic profiling

While discussing alleged al-Qaeda supporter Najibullah Zazi on 630 KHOW's Caplis and Silverman Show, Craig Silverman Monday argued that people "who look like a...

BREAKING: Aurora man admits to ties with al Qaeda, could plea...

Fox News and ABC are reporting the Aurora shuttle bus driver at the center of an FBI investigation into a suspected bombing plot has...

The ultimate Bush Administration torture timeline

The New York Times and Sunday morning political talk shows are contorting themselves into linguistically-torturous positions in a feeble attempt to avoid using the word "torture" to describe the immoral and criminal techniques employed at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and CIA black sites against suspected al Qaeda-linked prisoners. Now, Foreign Policy magazine has produced the euphemism-free "ultimate guide to the Bush Administration's journey to the dark side."

McCain advisers freaked out by al-Qaida preference for McCain

I just got off a conference call held by the McCain campaign to deny that Al Qaeda, contrary to reports in the AP and the Washington Post, is rooting for their man. To describe the call as panicked would be an understatement.
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