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WATCH: Freedom to Marry ads feature Wyoming Republican Alan Simpson

"I was raised here, Cody, Wyoming. It was a town of western values; independence, freedom… Live and let live. It is very simple."

Moody’s considers downgrading U.S. credit rating

A scenario former United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson described as “unthinkable” during a recent discussion in Aspen is apparently imaginable in the minds of Moody's Investors Service. Moody's is the first of the big-three rating agencies to place the United States' triple-A rating on review for a possible downgrade. The agency said there is a small but rising risk the federal government could default on its debt.

VIDEO: Senator Michael Bennet joins Rep. Paul Ryan on CNBC debt...

What do Michael Bennet and Paul Ryan have in common? Both participated Tuesday in a conference hosted by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget entitled “The Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Plans, and Market Jitters: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Sen. Simpson Fires Up Gay Republicans

"Don't give up on the Republican Party. Not yet, anyway." That was about the tamest comment of the day from former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson,...
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