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GOP Senate candidate Norton goes on the record: ‘I’ve not been...

In an interview with a Colorado Springs radio talk show host Tuesday, former lieutenant governor and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jane Norton said she has never worked as a lobbyist. She was responding to callers looking to feel out her conservative credentials. "On the lobbyist thing, I've not been a lobbyist," she said.

Norton’s growing list of lobbyist-donors draws more fire

DENVER — ProgressNow Colorado founder and CEO Michael Huttner today in the Capitol presented a list of high-powered Washington, D.C., lobbyists who have donated to U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton since she launched her campaign last month. Combing through Norton's latest finance disclosure forms, Huttner's progressive activist organization found eleven top national lobbyists among her donors, many of them the source of ethics scandals and the targets of investigation.

MSNBC’s wackadoo Ed Schultz to host Broomfield Dems Dinner

He's a liberal good ole boy and a cable TV throw-down artist ready at a moment's notice to go head-to-head with Republican Party boss...

Polis flare-up: freshman turns politics upside down on health-care reform

What is wealthy Boulder Democratic Congressman Jared Polis doing? Polis believes the proposed tax policy that would pay for health-care reform would be...

GOP betting on health-care stall tactics

WASHINGTON-- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele's speech Monday at the National Press Club was short on details. He said Republicans wanted to address “runaway costs” by perhaps posting the cost of treatments “openly on the Internet,” supporting “bold new incentives” for medical breakthroughs, and ending "life-time health care benefits and insurance for Congressmen who leave their jobs.”
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