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Cory Gardner has voted to confirm more than 100 Trump-picked judges

WASHINGTON – Republican Sen. Cory Gardner burnished his near-perfect record in support of his party’s effort to reshape the federal judiciary, voting this week...

Trump cuts Supreme Court contenders to ‘about five.’ Is Colorado’s Eid...

After Anthony Scalia died unexpectedly in 2016, and after Republicans successfully thwarted Barack Obama’s nominee for the seat, Donald Trump tapped Neil Gorsuch, a...

Troy Eid to resign, run for Colorado attorney general

If all goes the way that the Denver Post laid out in very matter-of-fact terms today, Attorney General John Suthers is either planning to seek the nomination for governor or U.S. senator from Colorado in 2010. Meanwhile Colorado Supreme Court Justice Allison Eid will step down from the bench if her husband, Troy Eid, is elected Colorado’s next attorney general.
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