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Aspen looking underground for clean energy source

The city of Aspen is planning to drill a hole 1,000 feet deep in a gravel parking lot this fall to explore whether there is enough heat underground to provide affordable and sustainable carbon-neutral energy.

Reeling BP looks to resume Colorado drilling, alt energy projects

BP in the coming months may have to look to its lucrative natural gas fields in southwestern Colorado to recoup the massive financial hit it’s taking in the wake of the worst oil spill in American history.

Study: Political leadership, policy draw green jobs, capital to Colorado

A new report by an independent Montana-based nonprofit research group indicates Colorado is well ahead of other Rocky Mountain states in developing a green...

Biomass power production takes step back in N.M., forward in Colorado

One of the potential silver linings in the dark cloud of the ongoing mountain pine bark beetle epidemic – which has ravaged more then...
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