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GREENE: The sad death of the happiest man in Denver

  I’ve been struggling to write about Sylvester Tally for three weeks now. With each interview I’ve done since his Nov. 28th suicide, I’ve heard about...

WATCH: An Inside Look at Ballot Counting

In Colorado's most populous county, Denver, more than a quarter-million ballots have gone through a secured counting room at Denver Election headquarters on Bannock...

In Denver, voting lines nearly non-existent on Election Day

As of early Tuesday morning, more than 2.2 million ballots had been submitted through the mail or by drop-off to county voting centers around...

Colorado’s disappearing write-in candidate list

Jerry Eller hopes to win the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in June as a write-in-candidate, but few Coloradans will find his name or...

Denver official slams public pot as activists take issue off November...

Save that fat blunt for a little while longer. Restaurants and bars that would allow patrons to smoke marijuana on their premises won’t be doing...

Emerging Latino community stirs need for bilingual poll workers

With a lengthy state ballot and expected lines at the polls, Denver officials say they are working to make sure that on Election Day every voting precinct in the city has at least one bilingual poll worker to assist those who may not speak English. There is a specific emphasis on Spanish speakers.

Denver searches for fix to voter registration problems

Denver’s Election Director, Mike Scarpello, says he is concerned about the possibility that thousands of people will come to the polls on Nov. 4 and find that they are not registered to vote. And he’s looking for a way to fix the problem.

Watchdog groups demand secretary of state accept incomplete voter registrations

Voting rights experts upbraided Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman today for shirking federal law by rejecting as many as 10,000 new voter applications. In a letter to Coffman, representatives of eight organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, Colorado Common Cause and the Fair Elections Legal Network in Washington, D.C., demanded that the Secretary of State’s office direct county clerks to accept applications with minor omissions or technical mistakes.

Thousands of Colorado applicants rejected from voter rolls

Colorado's confusing voter registration form has prompted county clerks to reject at least 4,800 new voter applications. And while election officials say there's still time for the applicants to get onto voter rolls, watchdog groups warn of unintended disenfranchisement.