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Colorado cop pot-plant quandary: Does confiscating lead to cultivating?

What happens to valuable pot plants in a Colorado medical marijuana bust? Sheriffs no longer take plants away, Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr told...

Denver council will seek to structure city’s budding pot business

Lingering legal questions and ambivalent feelings on the part of Colorado's citizenry have made launching a medical marijuana dispensary a significant business risk. But that hasn't stopped a rapidly growing number of medical marijuana entrepreneurs from opening clinics around the state. Real estate developer Ed Kieta, for one, is betting big, having sunk more than $60,000 into the high-end "wellness center" he's opening in the Highland neighborhood of Denver. Kieta likes the fact that he's getting in on the ground floor of the industry, but he hates that the rules governing the industry are murky and incomplete. Kieta is therefore looking forward to the Denver City Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday that aims to put up zoning restrictions and set out basic regulations for the record.

Boulder pot patient acquitted by sympathetic jury

Medical Marijuana patient and possessor Jason Lauve, who was slammed on a ski slope by a snowboarder four years ago and who has been...
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