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Anti-abortion group plans inaugural week ‘prophetic art display’

Christian anti-abortion activists announced a plan Tuesday to chalk the sidewalks near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with "pro-life messages and pictures" to greet the new First Family as they settle into their White House digs.

‘Eggmendment’ backers go national, vow to target every petition state

Despite a crushing defeat at the ballot box in Colorado on Tuesday, supporters of Amendment 48, the so-called "Personhood" Amendment, aren't "taking the loss personally," and have launched plans to take the fight to 16 more states, according to an anti-abortion news site and a Web site established by the group. The measure would have defined a fertilized egg as a person. It was widely seen as an end run around Roe v. Wade in an attempt to outlaw abortion, but opponents said it would also ban most forms of contraception.

Voting on Election Day in Colorado? Here’s what you need to...

It will likely take planning, preparation and perseverance to get through the longest ballot in Colorado history amid unprecedented turnout for the historic 2008 election. Even though more than half of the state's active voters have already cast a ballot, it all comes down to Election Day, when as many as one million Colorado residents will trek to their local polling place and exercise their right to vote.

Salon.com: New Life Church not influential this election season

Colorado evangelicals are on the political outs. At least that's what Salon.com reporter Mike Madden says. Madden visited Colorado Springs' legendary New Life Church on Sunday, and found that Pastor Brady Boyd was less-than-partisan during his sermon, a phenomenon that the Colorado Independent noted last month.

Ballot issues endorsement watch

Colorado's gargantuan ballot includes more than 14 constitutional amendments and referenda even after four measures were withdrawn on Oct. 2 by proponents after a surprise alliance of labor and business interests joined forces to oppose three anti-union amendments that remain. The Colorado Independent is putting the press to the test — we're compiling newspaper endorsements, analyzing them and then tracking the persuasive talents of editorial boards statewide.

Poll: Personhood amendment failing by 2-to-1 margin

A new Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 News poll spells bad news for supporters of Amendment 48, a controversial constitutional amendment that seeks to grant rights to fertilized eggs. The measure is failing 68-27 pointing to a landslide public rejection of Coloradans for Equal Rights' aim to create a test case to challenge abortion rights granted under the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe v Wade.

Noisy anti-abortion protester gets muted at Colorado capitol

A boisterous heckler tangled with Colorado State Patrol officers at an anti-Amendment 48 news conference Tuesday and, as if on cue, tempers flared for a rolling video camera.

No on 48 campaign hits airwaves against egg amendment

The opposition group working to defeat proposed Amendment 48, which seeks to confer constitutional rights on fertilized eggs, has gone up on the radio between Top 40 hits and tanning salon promos to persuade young voters to can the measure.

Personhood amendment debate caught on video

One of the most controversial measures on Colorado's monster ballot asks voters to place a thorny, religious conundrum into the state constitution: Should fertilized human eggs have constitutional rights? RH Reality Check weighs in with a video debate on the Amendment 48 pro and con.

We’re not kidding. Colorado’s ballot is huge.

Did we mention that Colorado's 18 issue ballot this year is long? As in, the longest in the country? And the longest in Colorado since 1912? We did? Well, here's something new to chew on. The two states pulling in second and third places -- Oregon and California -- don't even come close to touching our massive, large-and-in-charge ballot. Those states count a meager 12 questions on each of their ballots. Hell, Colorado beat that back in 1992, when voters weighed in on a record 13 questions. That was the longest ballot in recent memory. But now, Colorado has unearthed this leviathan ballot. In fact, the ballot is so big that it's impossible for us to continue our ballot run-down in neatly themed packages.
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