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Firefighter, cop battle blaze of anti-union ballot measures

Faced with three state ballot initiatives targeting labor unions, public servants in Colorado — most notably firefighters and law enforcement personnel — are using their free time to work as community organizers against the measures.

Media catches on to ‘clean government’ campaign’s transparency woes

Backers of an initiative campaign hyping the values of "clean government" are funding their efforts with anonymous cash, and the mainstream media is starting to catch on.

Labor-business alliance pledges to kill three anti-union measures

Unions and business groups in the state announced today the formation of a massive joint campaign against three anti-union initiatives on the state ballot, following an agreement by labor to pull four other ballot questions that would have strictly regulated business practices in the state.

Union members are the new terrorists?

Look out environmental activists, union members and their supporters may now be hot on your tail for the “terrorist” label if one Colorado politico has anything to say about it.

Meet Colorado’s anti-union ‘clean team’

The campaign by the Independence Institute, a conservative think-tank, to weaken the political power of labor unions in the state has now gone digital, with a Web site now extolling the virtues of “clean government” via the “clean team,” a supposed grassroots effort meant to back an anti-union proposal being sponsored by the organization.

Pro-union campaign also calls on midnight boogie man

Seems like this year's political messaging is all about who's going to do what in the middle of the night. First, Hillary Clinton capitalized on our fear of things that go bump in the night with her primary commercial. "It's 3:00 a.m and your children are safe and asleep," a narrator says while images of sleeping babies flash across the screen. "But there's a phone in the White House and it's ringing. Something is happening in the world. Your vote will decide who will answer that call."

We’re not kidding. Colorado’s ballot is huge.

Did we mention that Colorado's 18 issue ballot this year is long? As in, the longest in the country? And the longest in Colorado since 1912? We did? Well, here's something new to chew on. The two states pulling in second and third places -- Oregon and California -- don't even come close to touching our massive, large-and-in-charge ballot. Those states count a meager 12 questions on each of their ballots. Hell, Colorado beat that back in 1992, when voters weighed in on a record 13 questions. That was the longest ballot in recent memory. But now, Colorado has unearthed this leviathan ballot. In fact, the ballot is so big that it's impossible for us to continue our ballot run-down in neatly themed packages.

Colorado voters face longest ballot in 96 years

Colorado voters haven't faced a ballot this long since 1912, the first year citizens were able to initiate laws in the state. After striking a pro-affirmative action measure for insufficient signatures Wednesday night, the Secretary of State's office drew a line under a total 18 statewide questions for the November ballot -- 14 initiated by citizens and four referred by the State Legislature.
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