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Rape victims deem Buck’s support of abortion ban ‘appalling’

Amendment 62 and Republican Ken Buck’s campaign for the United States Senate seat held by Democrat Michael Bennet have come together to create the perfect storm for women’s rights advocates in Colorado.

Failed in other states, Personhood USA makes Colorado a national battleground

Colorado has become “ground zero” for the personhood movement in the United States, according to opponents of the initiative. And with funds coming in from out-of-state organizations to bolster both sides of the constitutional fight to redefine the term “person,” the state has become a flash point for a potential ethical wildfire.

Schieffer lets Buck slide on Face the Nation

Looks like CBS anchor Bob Schieffer did about two minutes worth of homework prior to his interview with Ken Buck Sunday on Face the...

Like Buck, Tancredo unsure what Amendment 62 would do

The question of the week for reporters is, are any of the 33 candidates who endorsed the Personhood Initiative (the Personhood 33), other than...

Will Personhood backers pull support, taking cue from Buck?

In a KBDI Channel 12 debate Sept. 17, News4 reporter Terry Jessup asked Gualberto Garcia Jones of Personhood Colorado about GOP support for...

Worker, pro-choice groups sound warnings on Maes-Williams ticket

Advocates for labor and reproductive rights voiced objections to the Dan Maes-Tambor Williams Republican ticket to head the state, arguing that the duo would...

Personhood’s Jones says amendment’s effects exaggerated but real

DENVER - Personhood Amendment backer and Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes recently said he doesn't think Amendment 62 will have much effect if passed by voters in November - in particular he said he doesn't feel it will outlaw abortion. But Personhood Colorado Director Guelberto Garcia Jones says that while detractors are exaggerating the consequences, very real changes to Colorado's reproductive policy landscape will occur if it passes, including eliminating abortion, ending stem cell research and greatly changing the method by which in vitro fertilization is conducted.
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