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Littwin: Don’t need no outsiders, except our outsiders

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- the antigun, anti-big-gulp, billionaire nanny stater -- is back, now trying to force the good people of Colorado to give up our God-given right to underfund K-12 education.

Wiretap: Obama’s never heard of the NSA, cuz what is that...

The NSA is everywhere, everywhere. It's even tapping Angela Merkel's phone. And the one taking the heat for it, President Obama, says he doesn't know anything about it.

Another scary day in the life of Tom Tancredo

Much scarier than Tom Tancredo's Amendment 66 Halloween movie is Tancredo himself. Don't trust me on this. Just ask "Colorado's Karl Rove," Dick Wadhams.

Wiretap: What was the shutdown all about, anyway?

Maybe the biggest debate in the post-shutdown Washington world is what the argument was really about. Michael Tomasky looks at the debate over food stamps to find an answer.

Fact check: No, Amendment 66 will not cut rural school district...

Grand Junction’s KKCO 11 News has reported that as many as twenty rural school districts in Colorado will see funding drop if the proposed Amendment 66 education tax passes on Election Day. The report got its facts all wrong.

Littwin: Teaching kids in TABOR-land

On Amendment 66, the argument isn't whether our schools should be better funded. They should be. The real argument is about where to get the money, which quickly devolves into a spat about robbery, redistribution and socialism!

Colorado’s growing Latino community embraces Amendment 66 tax proposal

When Janice Anderson, a fourth-grade teacher at Pennock Elementary school in Brighton, Colorado, stands before the 30 students in her class, she’s teaching a collection of radically different 9 years olds with little to no extra help.

Hard-pressed Cortez educators ask neighbors to embrace Amendment 66 tax proposal

CORTEZ, Colo. -- They're still here. They've been here 12 hours. It’s just another day at Kemper Elementary School, where annual funding for each student is $6,328, which means it's $4,506 below the national average.

Wiretap: Teaching Republicans how to talk about gays

Is it too soon to talk about 2014? Of course not. According to the Washington Post, Republicans are already trying to tutor their candidates how to talk about gays. You think word has gotten to Colorado?

Yes on 66: Excellent education for an exceptional state

The measure asks voters to raise $950 million for our public schools, while keeping Colorado’s taxes among the lowest in the country. It’s a no-brainer.