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Wiretap: A Tea Party shutdown-solution proposal

The shutdown/debt ceiling negotiations continue. At the World War II Memorial, Tea Partiers protest with Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. "Put the Quran down," President Obama!

Old school: A veteran high school teacher on starting over, again

The new directive to “de-clutter your rooms” demonstrates a kind of sad denial on the part of administrators that packing 40 kids into a classroom is the worst and most negligent kind of clutter.

How to ask for a billion dollars

DENVER -- Colorado Senator Mike Johnston, a former high school teacher and principal, spearheaded the effort. It took 2 years, 250 public meetings and it involved 2,000 individual stakeholders. The result is a bill that would rewrite the formula for funding state K-12 public education in a way that boosts the education budget and makes spending more accountable and more effective.
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