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Gessler’s proposed changes to election rules draw heated objections

Over the course of a five-hour rulemaking hearing Monday, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler probably got the message that a lot of people are unhappy with proposed rules that would stop county clerks from mailing ballots to inactive voters in some elections, change the way canvass boards are selected and give county clerks more power to determine how much access election watchers have.

Colorado election watchers see officials chipping away at public oversight

BOULDER-- Marty Neilson, Republican Party election watcher, walked out of the Boulder County Clerk's building in disgust as workers there tabulated primary voting results the last week of June. Neilson said she couldn't see anything of substance and felt like she was participating in a sham exercise in oversight.

Tom Tancredo says he’s going to be a Republican again

Erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo announces he is returning to the Republican Party. He says he never intended a long term relationship with the American Constitution Party, under whose banner he ran for governor.

Tancredo offers ‘third gyration’ on ‘Bad Three’ anti-tax measures

COLORADO SPRINGS -- At the most spirited debate of the season so far, the three candidates for governor mixed it up on a variety...

Tancredo ruled legal candidate

A Hail Mary pass fell to the ground unclaimed by any eligible receiver today when Denver District Judge William Hood ruled that Tom Tancredo...

‘Anchor baby’ debate: 14th Amendment born of GOP policies

We’ve all heard the phrase “anchor baby” by now. Some say the phrase is demeaning and racist. Others say that, at the least, it...

SD 16 candidate Leonard brings far-right baggage to key state Senate...

State Senate District 16 candidate Tim Leonard shocked the mainstream Republican Party and a lot of Democrats when he trounced moderate 5th Judicial District Attorney Mark Hurlbert at the GOP’s SD 16 assembly back in May. Portraying himself as pro-business and anti-big-government, Leonard seemingly rode a tea party wave of disaffection to a 71 to 29 percent victory over Hurlbert, who had the backing of mainstream Republicans like state Sen. Al White and Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry.

Spokesman says Tancredo can win even if Maes stays in race

Today, a staff member on the Tancredo for Governor campaign told The Colorado Independent that American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo would win the...

Maes points to conservative poll for evidence he can win

While attempts by the Colorado Republican Party and American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo to get Republican Dan Maes to drop out of the race...

Colorado lawmakers, left and right, look to lead on immigration reform

Liberal Boulder Democratic Congressman Jared Polis and a small group of Colorado's most conservative state lawmakers share a focus: They're all pushing immigration policy reform and they all believe that now is the time to act.
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