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Tancredo: ‘Nice fellow’ Maes should drop out of guv race

American Constitutional Party candidate Tom Tancredo fired back at Colorado Republican nominee for governor Dan Maes Wednesday, calling on the brand new nominee to do the right thing now that he has won the nomination and withdraw from the race. After winning the GOP primary Tuesday, Maes called on Tancredo, a right wing icon in the state, to withdraw his third party bid for governor. Tancredo told the Colorado Independent he was having none of it.

Constitution Party yet to designate Tancredo as guv candidate

As of today, the American Constitution Party has no candidate for governor in Colorado. Original nominee Ben Goss filed a notice to withdraw from...

ACP candidate Goss steps aside for Tancredo; calls Maes ‘hapless’

Big Ben Goss, American Constitutional Party candidate for governor, has stepped aside so that former Republican Congressman and anti-illegal immigration firebrand Tom Tancredo can...

Colorado GOP nightmare: The Tank Tancredo in it to win it

After a reported on-air face off with state Republican Party leader Dick Wadhams, who has struggled to lead in this anti-incumbent tea party fueled election season, Tom Tancredo announced he is not waiting till noon today for embattled GOP gubernatorial candidates Dan Maes and Scott McInnis to agree to step out of the race after the August 10 primary. The "Tank" told the Denver Post Monday morning that his mind is made up, that Maes and McInnis will not agree to his terms-- to exit the race if polls show they trail Democrat John Hickenlooper after the primary-- so Tancredo is now running for governor as an American Constitution Party candidate.

Maes says Tancredo’s threat to run just ‘Tom being Tom’

Republican candidates for governor Scott McInnis and Dan Maes today called Former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s bluff. Tancredo announced Thursday that he would enter the race as a third-party candidate if McInnis and Maes don’t announce that they will both drop out after the primary next month.

Republicans furiously reversing themselves in wake of Tancredo attacks

It’s been a flip-flop-athon of late on the campaign trail, and former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo’s been the root cause of most of the...

Candidates go toe-to-toe with cardboard Lamborn

A life-size, cardboard cutout stood in for Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn at a debate with his challengers, Democrat Hal Bidlack and American Constitution Party candidate Brian Scott, on Wednesday night in Colorado Springs. Bidlack has been showing up at events with the cardboard Lamborn to point out the 5th Congressional District incumbent's refusal to show up at joint campaign events.
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