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Gardner’s awkward scheduling priorities

During the floods and the government shutdown he was hobnobbing with Karl Rove and his money men. During the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe it was lobbyists for British Petroleum.

Ugly independent political spending in Colorado tripled in the last election...

It will come as no surprise to Coloradans force-fed a fire-hose stream of ugly and untrustworthy campaign election material over the last two years that independent spending-- spending directly tied to no candidate and mostly free of accountability-- more than tripled in the state from 2008 to 2010. This according to a recent report released by watchdog group Follow the Money, which singles out Colorado for study. The authors report that, although the state has relatively strong disclosure laws, larger changes in campaign finance rules have let loose here as everywhere in the country a storm of money and a sea of roiling paperwork that can cover over as much as it reveals.

VIDEO: Rove’s American Crossroads running anti-Obama ads in swing states

American Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, a 501(c)(4) group conceived by former Senior Bush Advisor Karl Rove and former RNC chair Ed Gillespie, is running ads this week criticizing President Obama’s handling of the economy in New Mexico and other swing states.

Hochul edging toward win in New York special election

Democrat Kathy Hochul is reportedly streaming ahead of Republican Jane Corwin in the Buffalo-area special election that has been marked out as a first test of the controversial GOP congressional budget plan crafted by Paul Ryan that seeks to "save" Medicare by turning it into a voucher system. Hochul hammered on the Ryan Medicare plan and Corwin defended it mostly by backing away from it.

Slate blogger Weigel taking the temperature in Colorado

Dave Weigel-- Slate blogger, original Tea Party analyst, champion tweeter, former Journolist contributor and onetime American Independent News Network colleague-- landed in Colorado...

Crossroads, Crossroads GPS release new ads in Colorado, Florida

Two groups conceived by former Bush White House Senior Advisor Karl Rove and former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie have new independent expenditure ads opposing...

Time profiles independent expenditure groups pouring money into US elections

Time’s Michael Crowley has published a good overview of the current independent expenditure landscape heading into midterm elections. It covers mostly trodden ground, but...

Rove groups run anti-Bennet ad in Denver, Colorado Springs

Correction: This article has been amended to reflect that Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie formed, and continue to have ties to, American Crossroads GPS....
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