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Denver bypasses stimulus sprawl

What kind of infrastructure projects will federal stimulus money pay for in the Denver metro area? Are there any highways to nowhere, any multi-laners to yet-to-be built exurb paradises on the prairie?

Local officials: Some stimulus proposals may seem absurd

Thornton wants more than $300,000 for a police-dog program. Boulder wants $6 million to upgrade its fleet of hybrid cars into "super hybrids." Englewood wants $300,000 for a "self-contained breathing apparatus" and $100,000 for a mobile data terminal to replace obsolete equipment.

Stimulus transit funding flows to Colorado, but is it nearly enough?

It’s still unclear just how much of the $90.2 million in federal stimulus money headed Colorado’s way for urban transit will go to RTD’s FasTracks commuter and light-rail, but what is abundantly clear is it won’t be enough.

Ayn Rand stars at Denver stimulus ‘tea party’ protest

One hundred enthusiastic Atlas Shrugged fans braved chilly temperatures on the east steps of the Colorado capitol Friday as part of a nationwide "tea party" protest to rail against the federal stimulus package and the government, in general. Beyond the typical conservative-Libertarian rhetoric was some practical advice on how to "shrug these parasites off our backs" like opening a black market in your own garage.

Williams discusses energy stimulus on ‘Colorado State of Mind’ tonight

TCI's own David O. Williams mixes it up with a panel of local experts on Friday's broadcast of the public affairs show "Colorado State of Mind" over federal stimulus funding for state energy projects.

Mortgage rescue plan? Let ’em fail

Still not convinced of the need for a mortgage rescue plan? Read more about foreclosure issues in Colorado.

Economics reporter: ‘Tea party’ serves up ignorance and crumpets

Our Washington Independent colleague Mary Kane, who has written extensively about the nation's housing and economic crisis, serves up a delicious smack down of the "tea party" protest movement decrying the federal stimulus package.

Text of Obama’s speech: ‘America will emerge stronger than before’

Here's the text of President Barack Obama's speech to Congress on Tuesday night, as prepared for delivery. Read the responses to the speech from Colorado's congressional delegation here. Follow the live Twitter discussion here.

Conservatives plan stimulus ‘tea party’ protest at state Capitol

There's no harbor involved nor crates and nary a Narragansett to be found in these parts but peeved Colorado conservatives are planning a "tea party" of sorts Friday to protest the federal stimulus package.

Fewer ‘green’ transportation jobs in stimulus than touted

President Obama’s economic stimulus program might be considered green, but it’s still got a big streak of gray. The $785 billion spending bill that Obama signed Tuesday, shortly after he toured the sparkling solar-paneled roof of the Denver Museum, will save or create 3.5 million jobs over the next two years, according to the White House. Environmental groups, happy about the sharp departure from Bush administration policies, say up to 1.5 million or 40 percent of the jobs created by the unprecedented legislation will be green — meaning they will contribute to decreasing energy consumption, lowering oil demand and switching to renewable sources.
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