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Energy astroturf group pans climate initiative, quits terrorism sneers

Jim Sims and his merry band of Golden-based oil and gas industry lobbyists are at it again, firing off a report Tuesday that attacks the Western Climate Initiative as potentially crippling to the nation’s electrical grid, not too mention the economy.

Western Slope energy debate: Not all small-town mayors are power-hungry

Rifle Mayor Keith Lambert sees the more than $10 million that oil and gas companies have pumped into fighting Amendment 58, which eliminates a tax credit the industry has enjoyed since the 1970s, as a huge waste of money.

Udall vows to fight Bush administration fast-tracking of oil-shale leasing

Even as Republican Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman declared his state “open for business” to the oil-shale industry Monday in Golden, Democratic congressman Mark Udall of Colorado vowed to fight the Bush administration’s fast-tracking of commercial leasing in the West.

Palin’s polar-bear pin a prickly issue for environmentalists

Because she was wearing a white pin on a white blouse (after Labor Day no less), TV viewers may have missed it, but at a campaign stop Monday in Hampton Roads, Va., Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin once again trotted out her popular polar-bear brooch.

Wall Street collapse derails GOP’s domestic-drilling campaign strategy

With energy prices plummeting right along with the rest of the stock market the past two weeks, Republicans may have lost one of their best weapons for attacking Democrats in the energy battleground state of Colorado.

Palin ‘keeps pushing’ on ANWR drilling, but 527 group pushes back

Even as Sarah Palin “keeps pushing” Sen. John McCain on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), environmentalists have formed a 527 group to fight the Alaska governor and her oil-and-gas industry allies and keep McCain from caving on the issue during his presidential campaign.

Palin, Americans for American Energy keep eye on the prize in...

A Golden-based pro-domestic-energy front group that’s drawn the ire of environmentalists and conservation-minded politicians for comparing them to terrorists can in part thank Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, fresh off her night winking and talking about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, for launching them in Colorado.

Lifting of oil-shale lease ban draws fire from environmental groups

A Bush administration push to fast track oil-shale leasing regulations got a big boost Wednesday when a moratorium on those leases was allowed to expire by Congress despite the lack of technology needed to make large-scale oil production from shale commercially viable.

Americans for American Energy: declaring victory one eco-terrorist at a time

Fresh off declaring a “total win” in the wake of the U.S. House allowing offshore drilling and oil-shale leasing bans to lapse, the conservative pro-domestic-energy group Americans for American Energy wasted no time pouncing on two prominent environmental groups.
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