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Anti-illegal immigration ALIPAC breaks with Tancredo over neo-Nazi organizer

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is openly squabbling with former Colorado Congressman and anti-illegal immigration warrior Tom Tancredo over white-power associations ALIPAC says are tainting efforts to organize rallies in support of Arizona's tough new immigration law.

Plans of attack emerge as Obama considers immigration reform

WASHINGTON-- Pro-immigration reform advocates may be applauding President Obama’s immigration meetings at the White House today, but anti-immigration groups are pushing back hard. The meetings came in advance of a planned March 21 immigration reform rally on the mall and just as several anti-immigration groups have unveiled new campaigns and strategies to obstruct any coming “amnesty” legislation.

Anti-immigration NumbersUSA hones talking points: Say ‘welfare queen’; say ‘dependents’

In a strategy conference call with supporters Monday, anti-illegal immigrant group NumbersUSA geared up to counter a large immigration reform rally planned for next...
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