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News Nuggets: 5 August 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. HEALTH-CARE RICHES: Colorado anti- health-care reform protesters are being rallied and bused around tomorrow by "free-market" group Americans for Prosperity. On...

News Nuggets: 28 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. DUELING RALLIES: Old Town Fort Collins could be plenty crowded during the lunch hour Wednesday. The Obama-oriented Organizing for America reoriented...

‘Tea Party’ tax day protests brewed by lobbyists, corporate interests

Teabagging just isn't what it used to be. And with new revelations that the much anticipated April 15 anti-tax protests are being co-opted by establishment Republican groups and Washington, D.C.-based corporate lobbyists, the term "teabaggery" may well join "douchebaggery" in the pantheon of political recriminations.

Global warming deniers cancel meeting over storm

In an irony of ironies, the pro-oil, anti-tax advocacy group Americans for Prosperity was forced to cancel an Aug. 19 meeting in Florida due to ... Tropical Storm Fay.
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