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Coerced-abortion laws part of new pro-life strategy

On a Friday morning in September 2005, 22-year-old Brittany Wilson sat in a Planned Parenthood clinic a mile away from her home in Sioux Falls, S.D., and bawled her eyes out. Ten days before, she had called the clinic to schedule an abortion. Three days before her appointment, she had called back to listen to some state-mandated information about the risks of abortion and her legal rights. And moments before, she had driven to the clinic alone and paid $447. But she was crying, she would later say, because she did not want this abortion.

Group pushes anti-abortion laws into state legislatures nationwide

The national anti-abortion-rights group behind Virginia’s controversial ultrasound bill last week released seven new bills it plans to push through state legislatures this year.

Birth control debate really about abortion, say CPAC speakers

Stop talking about birth control. That was the key message from some of the most prominent leaders of America’s anti-abortion movement, speaking Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. During a talk on how to advance the movement through messaging, an all-female panel discussed the Obama administration’s birth-control-coverage mandate and suggested that the best way to defeat it is by calling it an “abortion mandate.”

Planned Parenthood celebrates 95 years

Planned Parenthood celebrates the 95th anniversary of its founding this week amid a barrage of political attacks, ranging from a full-on congressional investigation to a proposed federal budget that would defund the chain of women’s clinics.

Ending abortion is the goal of those pushing Planned Parenthood investigation

An attorney for the group partially responsible for a recent congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood says the group has targeted the chain of health clinics as part of a strategy to end abortion.

House members say Planned Parenthood needs to be investigated, defunded but...

Less than a week after conservative law firm Americans United for Life (AUL) sent U.S. House members a lengthy report alleging 20 years of federal-funding violations committed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at least eight representatives — most of them freshmen — have shown interest in potentially launching an investigation.

Planned Parenthood rebuts claims it misleads women, calls AUL report ‘ideologically...

As The American Independent previously reported, anti-abortion rights group Americans United for Life (AUL) released Thursday a report of allegations against Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), some of which date back several years. Accompanying the group’s findings is a call for Congress to begin a taxpayer-funded investigation on Planned Parenthood. AUL has accused Planned Parenthood of misusing federal funds; knowingly violating state and federal laws; and misleading women about abortion, fetal development and emergency contraceptive drugs.

Anti-abortion group delivers report to Congress targeting Planned Parenthood

Image by: Matt MahurinConservative policy group Americans United for Life’s stated plans to help defund Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) one state at a time were amplified Thursday with the release of a report citing supposed violations of federal-funding rules by the national family planning and abortion provider. AUL is calling for Congress to launch an investigation against Planned Parenthood, with the hopeful outcome of stripping the organization of all public money now and forever.

VIDEO: Anti-abortion rights leader talks strategy: It’s a ’50-state question’

The secret to ending abortion in America is to shift abortion rights to the states, said Americans United for Life‘s President Charmaine Yoest on a recent appearance on the PBS TV- and Web-news magazine “Need to Know.”

VIDEO: Anti-abortion-rights group asks for money in order to defund Planned...

National anti-abortion-rights policy group Americans United for Life emailed supporters Monday announcing a new strategy in the form of a video to try “once and for all” to defund Planned Parenthood, which AUL CEO and President Charmaine Yoest refers to as, “the nation’s abortion super-provider,” “an abortion mega-provider” and “the nation’s No. 1 anti-life business.”
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