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Amy Goodman: Live in Paonia

Journalism superstar Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! has spent the past 20 years covering the social movements changing the world. On April 23, she will...

Udall could still release the full torture report, and he probably...

Maybe Dick Cheney would like torture to continue. But it is not up to him. It is up to the American people. And to make that decision, they need information.

DemocracyNow! on Colorado’s top two election races, featuring Mike Littwin

Colorado politics is U.S. politics in miniature and not at all pleasant. Yet! Littwin and Goodman manage to make the state of affairs interesting and entertaining.

DemocracyNow! on Marvin Booker, featuring Susan Greene

DemocracyNow! host Amy Goodman this morning spoke with Pastor Reginald Holmes and Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene on the historic excessive-force verdict handed down against Denver on Tuesday.

Democracy Now! and Susan Greene on Oklahoma’s ‘Team Pentobarbital’

Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene appeared on DemocracyNow to talk about the scramble in Oklahoma reported by the Independent this week to find drugs to conduct prisoner executions.

TCI Editor Greene on Democracy Now Talks Evan Ebel, Solitary Confinement,...

Colorado Independent Editor Susan Greene appeared Friday morning on Democracy Now with hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, who are in Denver this weekend for the National Conference on Media Reform and broadcasting from Denver's public-access Open Media Foundation studio. The three discussed the Colorado gun violence that has regularly made national headlines over the last few years and months, including the recent shooting of Tom Clements, head of the state's department of corrections.

Watchdog targets mayors: Stop harassing journalists covering Occupy protests

As has been widely reported, police crackdowns on the Occupy movement in cities across the country have extended beyond the protesters to include attacks on journalists as a way to stanch news of police action. Ten reporters were arrested in New York when police cleared Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, including reporters for the AP, NPR, and the New York Daily News, according to watchdog organization Free Press. The organization announced today it has launched a campaign "targeted at mayors around the country to demand they honor the 1st Amendment and drop all charges against journalists."

Court ruling heartens media watchdogs in advance of FCC ownership rules...

Supporters of diverse local media and champions of competition among news outlets are celebrating the recent U.S. Court of Appeals verdict in Prometheus Radio Project v. the FCC. The court rejected Federal Communications Commission rules that would have opened up ownership to further corporate consolidation. In the wake of the egregious overstepping by media mogul Rupert Murdoch's uber British tabloid News of the World, the ruling has taken on an heroic cast. The court said that in making its rules the FCC had ignored the input of millions of American citizens.

Latino groups say ‘Basta!’ to Dobbs, call on CNN to exile...

CNN next week is airing a series called "Latino in America" in which Soledad O'Brien will explore and celebrate the ways the exploding U.S....

‘Democracy Now!’ journalists arrested at RNC

Three journalists with the popular radio program “Democracy Now!” were arrested in St. Paul while covering protests outside the Republican National Convention on Monday, including internationally acclaimed reporter Amy Goodman, the show's host.
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