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Udall tied, Hillary down; Colorado Dems smash into swing-state pendulum

If the polling news was good for John Hickenlooper Wednesday, it's bad a day later for Mark Udall and even worse for Hillary Clinton.

Littwin: Settling for a non-scandal

It's time we discussed the Mark Udall scandal, which, as scandals go, presents at least two very significant problems.

Lucky Buck: Stephens’ struggle with GOP base not likely to ease

Not a vote has been cast yet, but Ken Buck seems to be winning this year's Republican primary contest the same way he won the U.S. Senate Republican primary contest in 2010.

Beauprez still eyeing run at Udall

The Republican field assembled to unseat U.S. Senator Mark Udall in this year's midterm election is already crowded, which is the polite way to describe it.

Bob Beauprez says he may jump into Senate race (or update:...

Bob Beauprez says he's considering getting into the GOP primary race to try to take Mark Udall's seat. No, seriously. I mean it, seriously.

Littwin: Republicans deal out a hand of overreach poker at the...

Looking at the array of problems facing Democrats in this post-recall election year, what do the Republicans do? That's right, just what you'd expect them to do.

Read the bill: Colorado Republicans rally around proposal to outlaw abortion

The bill is unconstitutional, doomed to quick legislative death, redundant and politically deadly. Republicans made a statement, either by signing on to it or by not signing on to it.

Colorado insurance officials: Udall exerted ‘zero’ coercion, intimidation, pressure

'There is no information to support an allegation of real (or perceived) intimidation, or inappropriate or undue pressure.'

Wiretap: Christie press conference nowhere near as long or horrible as...

Yes, the Chris Christie press conferences is finally over. The question remains: Is Chris Christie finished, too?

Colorado General Assembly opening day

Capitol observers say they expect majority party members to try to set a moderate tone and push proposals that might attract minority member support. But it's an election year.
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