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$15-an-hour minimum wage: If New York can do it, why not...

The same day Vice President Joe Biden stood by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in announcing plans for the first statewide $15-an-hour minimum wage,...

Coloradans, at a lull in the battle over fracking, eye news...

Will the Cuomo fracking ban translate into greater currency for the Hickenlooper fracking task force?

Wiretap: The legacy of war

The president whose goal was to remove America from a "permanent war footing" is putting down his own footprint. It's a legacy issue, David Nakumara writes in the Washington Post.

Colbert’s frack attack reveals sad demise of tortured ‘Talisman Terry’ frack-osaurus

Stephen Colbert satirically skewered Talisman Energy’s “Talisman Terry” coloring book character Monday night, following the sad tale to its conclusion with the loveable “frack-osaurus” ultimately lighting himself on fire in a natural-gas-contaminated shower scene.

New York State drops out of Secure Communities

Saying that it just isn't working, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that New York State will no long participate in Secure Communities.

Push and pull over same-sex marriage in legislatures around the country

Surprising news from Maryland Friday, as reports come out that a same-sex marriage bill that looked certain to pass has been withdrawn. It will...