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Wiretap: Health insurance industry still less responsive than any glitchy website

Her policy got canceled and Obamacare will cost her more. Yet, after a day spent dealing with her unresponsive, unaccountable insurance company and after consulting with her conscience, she thinks Obamacare is the way to go.

Putin does the impossible: makes us root for him

Yeah, the same gay-bashing, Pussy Riot-jailing, Super-Bowl-ring-lifting, ex-KGB, loves-to-watch-old-clips-of-Khruschev-and-his-shoe Russian leader -- he's now our guy, the indispensable man in the unsolvable Syrian mess.

Wiretap: Putin can have Syria

Blogger Andrew Sullivan thinks Russian Prez Vladimir Putin may have checkmated himself with Syria move.

Denver Archdiocese responds not to papal scandal but to ‘media frenzy’

The Archdiocese of Denver has responded to international reports of sexual abuse and cover up by the Catholic Church in three countries by posting...

Silence from Chaput on Marc Thiessen’s Catholic defense of torture

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput made media-catching public pronouncements during the Democratic National Convention here that Catholic pro-choice then-Senator Joseph Biden should not take communion...

Gay Task Force to Obama: Don’t say it; do it

A little more than an hour into his State of the Union speech, Obama glancingly addressed the fact that he has done nothing notable...

Andrew Sullivan, they hardly knew ye

Ultra-conservatives must have been surprised to learn that Atlantic writer and Daily Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan announced a break with the right this week....

Palin: Colorado/Western-style outspoken leader or clumsy fibber?

A Politico story promoted by Rocky Mountain Right reports that Arapahoe County GOP chairman David Kerber stated that Sarah Palin was a model of...

Author Warns of Short Jump from Torture to Totalitarianism

"I don't think we would react to the Abu Ghraib images now the way we did in 2004." Naomi Wolf issued the indictment after a...
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