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Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso is Internet Japanese

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso, like most of his fellow lawmakers, has his own website, except his is in Japanese and it peddles payday loans.

Bristol and Snooki nation: ‘Jersey Shore’ company plans politics reality TV...

U.S. politics today features a speaker of the House with an orange tan and the kind of constant unoriginal and petty backbiting and betrayals that are the stock in trade of reality TV. Why pretend otherwise? Where some might see tragedy, the media company behind "Jersey Shore" sees opportunity. Doron Ofir Casting is looking to make its next bazillion dollars off of our great national farce by simply broadcasting a version of it starring young hottie politicos who want to be famous.

Biden enters post-Weiner-era Twittersphere

As Silicon Alley Insider reported today, Vice President Joe Biden officially opened a Twitter account this weekend. This is Joe "big f*#king deal" Biden, of course, so it could either be one of the best political Twitter feeds of all time or one of the most heavily edited, most-often ghostwritten Twitter feeds of all time. Judging by its 23 hours of life, it's the latter, unfortunately! @VP has tweeted once. He has 11,700 followers but he follows no one.

Gawker will miss Weiner

America's embattled hairless self-loving digital exhibitionist congressman, Anthony Weiner, will resign today. Taking nudie snaps of yourself and sending them to Twitter friends-- undeniably pathetic but neither illegal nor corrupt-- turns out is one of the rare breaches of ethics members of Congress will not tolerate. News gossip site Gawker has been the best source on the scandal and today Gawker writer Adrian Chen lets loose news of the pending resignation with an expert flurry of double entendres we're not likely to see again for... at least another few months when the next ridiculous celebrity sex scandal breaks.

Juan Cole not shedding tears for Anthony Weiner

As the parade of Congressman Anthony Weiner's self-love skin shots continues to tramp across the internet, University of Michigan foreign-policy big thinker Juan Cole says never mind the man's sad digital life; Weiner's take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is much more relevant and lamentable. Fact is, Cole writes, the congressman's bad personal behavior presents an opportunity to replace him with someone less toxically biased toward Israel.

ABC’s Karl on Weiner’s phony outrage

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl did a sit-down interview with embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner days ago, back when Weiner was still determinedly following the exact wrong script on how to weather a political scandal, lying up and down about how photos of his crotch ended up on the internet, denying the undeniable and preening with faux outrage at Karl and other members of the press for asking questions. Karl, though, has more than a barrel of ink at his disposal to set the record straight. Yesterday he sent out an email blast to reporters around the country that included video excerpts and a transcript from the interview. "At the time, it seemed that the most remarkable part was when he told me he could not say for sure whether or not it was him in that infamous underwear photograph," Karl writes.

VIDEO: Rep. Weiner mocks fast-tracked Lamborn NPR bill

On the floor of the U.S. House today, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner mock-congratulated Republican leadership for fast-tracking Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn's proposal to strip National Public Radio of federal funding for programming. "I'm so relieved we held this emergency session, that we waived the rules of the House... so we can finally get [the Car Talk] guys off my radio." Weiner said the NPR Car Talk auto-maintenance comedy show was clearly "kinky" and "communist" and chided Republicans for doing the will of voters in placing the war on NPR at the top of their list of how to best serve the country.

Weiner’s House floor tirade aimed at procedural no-voting embraced by Colorado...

Thursday, Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner let loose a full-throated arm-waving finger-pointing tirade against Republican obstructionism that has been speeding around the web...
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