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Denver drops charges against DNC protester shoved to ground by police

The Denver city attorney's office dropped criminal charges Wednesday morning against a Code Pink demonstrator who was videotaped being slammed to the ground by a baton-wielding Denver Police officer during a protest at the Democratic National Convention, The Denver Post's Howard Pankratz reports. Alicia Forrest, a 22-year-old Arizona resident, faced charges of interfering with police and could have been sentenced to a year in jail, her defense attorney said.

VIDEO: Images from the Iraq Veterans Against the War March

Iraq Veterans Against the War staged a protest march at the Democratic National Convention. Thousands of anti-war demonstrators were joined by members of the band Rage Against the Machine and concert-goers in a peaceful stroll from the Colorado Colosseum to the Pepsi Center. The veterans briefly blocked the delegates' entrance until an official with the Obama campaign agreed to meet with a leader of the group.

VIDEO Recreate68: ‘The truce is broken. All bets are off.’

Anti-gay protesters provoked Recreate 68 and Code Pink demonstrators at a Civic Center Park permitted anti-war event Tuesday resulting in two arrests. Mark Cohen of Recreate 68 told The Colorado Independent: "We're not negotiating with the police anymore. The truce is broken. All bets are off." Read more DNC protest coverage:About 100 arrested after standoff; police spray activists, bystanders, mediaVIDEO: Police trap peaceful protesters in Denver

Police are watching, videotaping protesters

During protest events at the Democratic National Convention this week a number of police have been spotted video taping participants, often refusing to identify themselves.

Video depicts Code Pink protester shoved to ground, investigation launched

A video by the Rocky Mountain News that depicts police officer shoving a Code Pink activist to the ground with a baton at a Civic Center protest on Tuesday will be investigated by Denver’s police monitor.

“Impeach Bush” Group Undaunted in Quest

The small number of President Bush impeachment supporters gathered in Glenwood Springs park may not have reflected the massive demonstrations in Washington DC on...

Durango Joins Anti-War Movement

All of the Republican presidential candidates save one, Rep. Ron Paul, confirmed they were in favor of continuing the War in Iraq in Wednesday...

Peace Activist Speaks Out On World Events

Calvin Lee is a soft-spoken attorney in Glenwood Springs and by his demeanor, you would not suspect that he has been the inspiration of...
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