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Contraception foes share bizarre theories, intimate lives at House hearing

During a hearing Monday on the Birth Control Protection Act, five anti-contraception witnesses spoke out, often with rambling filibusters and indelicate public disclosures about their personal sexual histories.

Musgrave lands new gig with antiabortion political group

Former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave will lead a new antiabortion initiative dubbed "Votes Have Consequences" that will target members of Congress in the 2010 election cycle who support abortion rights. In a case of supreme irony, Musgrave intends to rip a page from the hardball playbook used by the Defenders of Wildlife. The environmental group was credited with helping to defeat the three-term Republican congresswoman with intense local organizing and a $1.6 million barrage of TV attack ads — a strategy that was roundly criticized by Republicans.

‘Personhood’ amendment likely to fizzle in Montana statehouse

Conservative activists are celebrating the latest antiabortion bill to wind its way through a state legislature — this time in Montana — that seeks to challenge the landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade decision legalizing abortion. Except before they party hearty, a quick check of state law reveals the likelihood of a constitutional "personhood" amendment to give fertilized eggs civil rights is as flat as stale champagne.

Harvey, Lundberg argue contraception kills on Senate birth control bill

Semantics were the order of the day when conservative Republican state senators attempted to weaken a bill defining contraception arguing that the state must first define that "life begins at conception."

Personhood goes to Washington

Kristi Burton, the tireless force behind Colorado's Amendment 48, was the toast of the nation's antiabortion elite at the American Life League annual conference Friday. So much so that they even swiped the ballot measure's "personhood" moniker as the confab's title.

Obama rescinds global gag rule despite Lamborn’s efforts

A day after the nation marked the 36th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, President Barack Obama rescinded a controversial global gag rule and recommitted U.S. support for comprehensive family planning through the United Nations Population Fund. Abortion foe Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, thrust himself into spotlight this week with a well-publicized letter to Obama urging that the rule remain in place. Sadly, Lamborn got the facts completely wrong, as well as Reuters and other media outlets.

Abortion foes mix vitriol with righteous ‘3/5ths of personhood’ abolitionism

Denver's March for Life rally at the state Capitol Thursday was as much a witness to an awkward family reunion of marriages of political convenience as a gathering to protest the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. Correction: State Rep. Amy Stephens was misidentified in the original publication of this story as having attended the rally. She did not. The Colorado Independent deeply regrets the error.

Midnight Regulations: Nearing the Bush Administration’s end game

As late as Friday, the Bush administration was still implementing midnight regulations -- and we're still bird-dogging them. Today's update includes two additions to our chart and a decision from the Environmental Protection Agency that concerns a rule on a contaminant found in drinking water.

HHS reproductive health ‘conscience clause’ pushback presses forward

Lawmakers and reproductive health advocates are in full court press to repeal an 11th-hour Bush Administration rule that threatens women’s health care set to go into effect Tuesday — hours before President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.

State AGs may band together over ‘conscience clause,’ but not Colorado

Expanding on Mike Lillis' story today on Capitol Hill Democrats' attempts to repeal the 11th hour Bush Administration "conscience clause" rule that threatens women's reproductive health care, 13 states are planning a federal court challenge should political remedies fail.
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