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Chaput navigating rocky first weeks in embattled Philly archdiocese

Former Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput took the reins in sex-scandal-plagued Philadelphia last week. A sampling of YouTubes posted last week offers a snapshot of his trying first days there, a new Church leader in a place grown deeply distrustful of Church leaders.

Denver Archbishop Chaput: In video game ruling, court ignored lesson of...

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has weighed in on the recent Supreme Court decision (pdf) that struck down a law banning the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. His arguments in favor of restricting the availability of video games echo his views on gay marriage and civil unions. Government should step in, he says, and bar gay marriage and restrict violent video game availability based on the "common sense" threats they pose. In opening an essay on the topic, Chaput references the 1999 Columbine school shootings.

Catholic group drops child programs as civil unions take effect in...

This past spring, debate in Colorado over a same-sex civil unions bill raised questions about citizen equality, child and family protections, religious freedom and anti-gay bigotry. News coming out of Illinois, where a civil unions bill that passed in the fall is now taking effect, resurfaces those same issues. Catholic Charities of Rockford, a city just northwest of Chicago, announced it would no longer provide its state-funded foster care and adoption services. Organization representatives said they would not place children with unmarried couples and that the law now exposed them to litigation for that stand.

Colorado faith leaders urge lawmakers to support civil unions

In advance of a committee hearing scheduled for Monday on state Senator Pat Steadman's civil unions bill, Colorado faith leaders held a press conference at the capitol Thursday expressing support for the bill. Their presence at the capitol was frank acknowledgment of the way opposition to the legal recognition of rights for gay domestic partners has long been made on the basis of religion. In fact, religion stands on both sides of this issue, they said, and the issue, especially as addressed in Steadman's bill, is about constitutional rights.

Cardinal O’Malley departs from Archbishop Chaput, welcomes children of gays

Nine months after Hingham Catholic school in Boston rescinded the application of a child of lesbian parents, the Archdiocese there has adopted a new admissions policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. The new policy comes at the direction of Cardinal Sean O'Malley and stands in sharp contrast to the position taken by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, who supported Sacred Heart Elementary School in Boulder last year in rejecting the applications of two students because their parents are gay.

As US anti-Muslim sentiment spikes, Chaput decries attacks on Christianity

The Park51 Muslim community center and mosque set to be sited in the rough vicinity of ground zero has inspired weeks of vitriol and...

Not going away: Top British journalist Hari calls for Pope’s arrest

Voicing a line of argument increasingly heard in the media over the last weeks, award-winning British journalist Johann Hari called for the arrest of...

Edmonton archbishop latest to defend Pope; Denver’s Chaput still silent

Edmonton's Catholic archbishop held a rare press conference Tuesday to defend Pope Benedict in the wake of the sex abuse and cover-up scandal that...

Denver Archdiocese responds not to papal scandal but to ‘media frenzy’

The Archdiocese of Denver has responded to international reports of sexual abuse and cover up by the Catholic Church in three countries by posting...

John Andrews’ strange, clueless ‘Coloradan of the Year’ column

Conservative "Backbone Radio" talk show host John Andrews wrote an end-of-the-year Denver Post column Sunday nominating Archbishop Charles Chaput as his Coloradan of the...
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