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Wiretap: Percentage of Americans without health insurance way down

"Thanks Obamacare!" It may remain a political hot potato -- forever -- but the controversial law appears to be doing exactly what it was intended to do.

Penn. lawmakers seeking to bolster sex abuse laws will have to...

Pennsylvania is now a main site of action in the international chess game that pits the Catholic Church against advocates for the victims of sexual abuse.

Denver Archbishop Chaput rallies support to sanction pro-choice Catholic politicians

Denver Archbishop Chaput asked Notre Dame University Catholics this weekend to press for Church policy that would deny communion to U.S. Catholic politicians who support pro-choice or pro-gay rights positions. The speech comes in the wake of surveys that show most Catholics don't agree with Chaput on the issues.

Republicans take charge of House and call for cuts to taxes...

With a prayer from Archbishop Charles Chaput that called for legislators to consider the future of both the born and unborn in their decision making, Republicans officially took control of the Colorado House of Representatives as the Colorado General Assembly opened for business Wednesday.

Denver archbishop takes swipe at Obama, Biden over abortion rights

In a speech titled, "Little Murders," Denver Diocese Archbishop Charles Chaput delivered a scathing critique of democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, his Catholic running mate Joe Biden and liberal Catholic groups at a dinner Friday.
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