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Wiretap: To the shock of no one, the Obamacare compromise fix...

Remember that oh-so-promising health care compromise? Well, Trump has changed his mind on it again. Some Republicans who were ready to support it now...

Senate rejects Lamborn’s oil shale bill, drilling in Arctic National Wildlife...

The Senate denied a bill on Tuesday that would have authorized up to 2 million acres of public land for oil shale exploration in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming — not to mention open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other protected areas to drilling.

House green lights oil shale plan but stops wind production tax...

A bill designed to encourage oil shale development cruised through the House on Thursday evening. But a wind production tax credit didn't fly, and now layoffs and abandoned projects loom.

Salazar directional-drilling comments add fuel to fires of ANWR debate

Even the hint of a suggestion that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar could be considering caving in on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge of Alaska has ruffled the feathers of environmentalists – and a few Arctic terns – who thought the place was bulletproof under the Obama administration.

Palin ‘keeps pushing’ on ANWR drilling, but 527 group pushes back

Even as Sarah Palin “keeps pushing” Sen. John McCain on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), environmentalists have formed a 527 group to fight the Alaska governor and her oil-and-gas industry allies and keep McCain from caving on the issue during his presidential campaign.
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