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Supreme Court ruling against SB 1070 draws praise from Latinos, Dems

The United States Supreme Court today ruled several key parts of Arizona's immigration enforcement law, SB-1070, unconstitutional. The Court did uphold Arizona's right to require law enforcement officers to ask for proof of a person's legal status whenever they have stopped someone for a legitimate purpose and have reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.

Lambert to introduce Arizona-style immigration legislation for Colorado

Colorado legislators are poised to introduce immigration legislation that may mimic that in Arizona. Critics say it could cost the state a fortune.

Study: Arizona reeling from lost revenue in wake of immigration law

Arizona's tough new immigration law has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue, according to a study released this morning.

Anti-Arizona ‘Sound Strike’ a boon for Red Rocks audiences

When Arizona passed SB 1070--the anti-immigration legislation--some of the fallout was predictable. Namely musicians began saying they would not perform in Arizona. Hundreds of...

Virginia immigration law yields mixed results and hard feelings

Long before Arizona passed a get-tough immigration law, Prince William County, Virginia, passed one of its own. That law, on the books for several...

Maes on Steele: ‘Many in Colorado do support Arizona law’

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Monday said that Arizona’s stringent immigration law, SB-1070, is not representative of the Republican Party’s views as a whole, nor of the American view as a whole. Colorado Republican candidate for governor Dan Maes has said he would support a law similar to Arizona’s if he is elected.

Schultheis to Polis on Arizona law: Give the people what they...

Anti-illegal immigration firebrand and state senator Dave Schultheis blogged on Arizona SB 1070 over the Memorial Day weekend, delivering a partisan stinger that was...

In high country, worry over economic backlash from McInnis immigration stance

Mexican tourism and immigration have long been powerful economic drivers in the resort counties former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis used to represent in Congress. Now some Western Slope residents are worried gubernatorial candidate McInnis will destroy that dynamic.

Lunchtime links: Bennet dominates, McInnis worries, McCain waffles

Sen. Michael Bennet is a giant among dwarves. See the pie charts that prove it. Lawyer-lobbyist gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis said he didn't reveal...
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