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Arizona Latinos rising up against ethnic studies ban

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer famously wagged her finger at President Obama when he visited the state a week ago. Today, though, it is Brewer who is on the receiving end of a scolding as the Latino community rises up in protest against a law banning ethnic studies in the state’s schools.

La Raza ends boycott of Arizona

La Raza announced late Friday that it was calling off its boycott of Arizona which has been in place since SB 1070 became law in May 2010.

Arizona Senator Russell Pearce set for recall

A Superior Court judge on Friday rejected a challenge filed by Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce's attorney, and ruled that the recall of Pearce could proceed. Pearce's attorney had argued that many of the signatures collected were invalid and that signature collectors may have misled signers.

Immigrants already beginning to flee Alabama

What happens when a state bypasses the federal government and enacts its own immigration laws? It's well known by now that Arizona lost substantial convention business and has racked up huge legal bills defending the state's laws. Those facts have not stopped other states from following suit. Alabama, where the new laws are slated to take effect in September is seeing immigrants selling their possessions and getting ready to move.

All Star game boycott called off–new protest planned

The All Star game protest is evolving as groups that had been calling for a boycott for the past year have finally decided, with the game only a week away, that the boycott wasn't going to be effective.

AZ State Senator Russell Pearce to be subject of recall election

In Arizona, signatures will be turned in today to launch a recall of Senate President Russell Pearce, the architect of SB 1070, Arizona's signature immigration bill. If successful, it will be the first time in Arizona history that a state senator lost a recall election. It would mark the first time in U.S. history that a state senate president was recalled.

Supreme Court rules on E-Verify, could have major consequences in states...

The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday upheld (pdf.) the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act, a decision that deepens the debate between between supporters and detractors of mandatory state and federal E-Verify programs.

Santana receives civil rights award, blasts AZ, GA over immigration laws

Carlos Santana, in Georgia to receive a civil rights award from Major League Baseball, used the opportunity to blast Georgia and Arizona for their strict immigration laws.

VIDEO: Arizona going all the way to the Supremes on immigration...

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced today that the state will appeal lower court rulings blocking some parts of Arizona's famous--or infamous--SB 1070 all the way to The United States Supreme Court.

States passing or considering harsh immigration laws all look one place...

Pretty much wherever you find efforts to tighten immigration laws in the United States, you find John Tanton--or more likely these days, one of the groups he founded.
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