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Immigration legislation: sound and fury signifying little

Across the country this year, more than 1000 bills have been introduced in state legislatures to deal with immigration issues. As in Colorado, many of these have floundered.

Arizona begins slowly backing away from harsh laws and harsher rhetoric

Bowing to pressure from the business community, the Arizona State Senate Thursday rejected a handful of new measures that would have cranked the heat even higher in a state already seen as being anti-immigrant.

Arizona continues to push the envelope on immigration

As Colorado's own Legislature seems to be backing off from a number of harsh immigration measures, the Legislature of Arizona seems to be turning up the heat.

Arizona may turn hospitals into immigration enforcement stations

Arizona continues to lead the nation in immigration reform. Monday, a Senate committee looked at a bill that could turn hospitals into immigration checkpoints.

Colorado Republicans rallied by state assembly siege rhetoric

LOVELAND-- U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman brought the house down Saturday at the Colorado Republican Party assembly here when he stood foursquare with Arizona over immigration. “The people of Arizona have had enough of illegal immigration, they’ve had enough of a federal government that will not secure our borders. I can tell you this: My wife and I are planning a vacation in the State of Arizona..."

Lunchtime links: Tancredo on Obama, Kenya, Arizona

* Tom "Tank" Tancredo tells South Carolina to ship Obama back to Kenya. He's also thinking of writing a Colorado ballot initiative for November...
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