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Wiretap: GOP shutdown as long-planned strategy or tragic blunder

It's Day 7 and Americans are looking for explanations. The Times traces a long anti-Obamacare plot on the right. The Washington Examiner quotes a GOP congressman who says it's all just blundering.

Climate change fight absent in DC but on in Calif. over...

In the absence of meaningful legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions in Washington, the fight surrounding California’s ballot measure, Proposition 23, is rapidly becoming...

Ritter joins governors urging Congress to extend health spending

As part of a desperate bipartisan group consisting of the vast majority of the nation's governors, Bill Ritter called on Congress to pass Federal...

On stimulus spending, some state GOP officials split with national figures

WASHINGTON-- To hear Republicans in Congress tell it, the Grand Old Party is pretty much united against the deficit-spending approach to economic recovery. Don’t tell that to local GOP officials.

Faced with the most severe budget crises in decades, state and local policymakers from across the country — including a growing list of prominent Republicans — have been only too happy to accept the additional federal funding that accompanied last year’s $787 billion stimulus bill. Not only did that money prop up job markets, many say, but it kept social-service programs running strong during a period of greatest need. They don't see stimulus spending as indebting the future. They see it as an investment in the future.

Schwarzenegger calls out GOP stimulus hypocrisy

Here’s a profound idea from California GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went after congressional Republicans yesterday for criticizing the Democrats’ stimulus bill one moment,...

Ex-eBay CEO Whitman called a lib in sheep’s clothing for Telluride...

Telluride second-home owner and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is having her conservative street cred questioned for doing something that’s apparently a big no-no...

Schwarzenegger also attempting to repeal Colorado-style budget formulas

Colorado inched closer toward fiscal sanity today. Budget reform bill 228 passed the Senate this morning after roughly three hours of back and forth on the chamber floor, where GOP senators renewed the same objections they voiced to no effect during the vote held two weeks ago — objections that the bill is unconstitutional and will lead to greater taxes and big government, et cetera.
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