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Salazar blasts Tipton for slamming stimulus while his family benefits

Third Congressional District challenger Scott Tipton has been condemning the stimulus bill while his family business takes the money. Incumbent John Salazar says Tipton can't have it both ways.

Frazier’s charter school actively applied for stimulus funding

Congressman Ed Perlmutter today delivered to the press proof that a school represented by his Republican challenger Ryan Frazier not only received stimulus money,...

Perlmutter calls out Frazier on stimulus

You never know what you’re going to get when a politician calls a press conference. They can be brutally boring. Often as not a...

Frazier calls stimulus a failure, but his school, district he seeks...

Ryan Frazier, the Republican nominee for the 7th CD seat now held by Democrat Ed Perlmutter, has called the stimulus bill a failure, but his charter school, the city of Aurora and 7th CD have reaped rewards of Recovery Act.

Stimulus money flows into Colorado, putting some to work, angering others

To some, stimulus money has been a godsend. To others, it has been an overreaching waste of taxpayer money. One thing that is hard to argue, though, is that it has pumped billions of dollars into the Colorado economy.
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