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Charges dropped against Black Lives Matter activist for Confederate flag arson

  COLORADO SPRINGS — An arson charge was dropped today against Patricia Cameron, the Black Lives Matter activist from Manitou Springs who participated in a...

DIY hash-oil blasts spark debate over felony penalties

Here's how it works: You buy cheap "trim," the discarded leaves snipped from cannabis buds. You attach a screen to one end of a pipe...

Twelve years of foot-dragging on lynx recovery

  FRISCO — Twelve years is long enough to finalize an endangered species plan for rare lynx in the Rocky Mountains, a federal judge has...

Vail Resorts Peak 6 expansion draws barbs, mockery

FRISCO, Colo. — After a few years of peace and quiet, the elk, owls, hawks and lynx living in the Tenmile Range near Breckenridge...

FBI: Vail eco-terrorism suspect spotted near Vancouver

The FBI on Friday said one of four suspects still at large in the 1998 eco-terror arson attack on Vail Mountain may have been spotted near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Colorado conservationists still feeling heat from Vail arson fires

Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the Vail fires, an arson attack by two members of the Earth Liberation Front that at the time was the costliest act of what became known as “eco-terrorism” in United States history.
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