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Bennet, Romanoff supporters clash over ads, voting records

Democratic camps collided over the weekend when supporters of U.S. Senate candidates Andrew Romanoff and incumbent Michael Bennet traded chants and jibes as Bennet challenged a Romanoff attack ad that condemns Bennet for looting a movie chain and costing thousands of jobs. Bennet said the ad casts aspersions; Romanoff's campaign said Bennet was a hypocrite.

VIDEO: With new ad, Norton makes gender war real

The GOP U.S. Senate primary has taken another nasty turn this week. With a new attack ad, the Jane Norton camp is painting opponent...

Best health-care attack-ad of the week

It’s got to be this one from OurCountryDeservesBetter PAC. It cites “Obama’s own doctor” as an opponent of President Obama’s health care plan, even...

Labor goes after Schaffer with campaign mailings

On Wednesday one of the nation's most influential union federations announced plans on to send mailings to thousands of households across the state, characterizing Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Bob Schaffer as caring only about “Big Oil.”

Udall attack ads tied to Swift Boat, Willie Horton team

Our sister site, the Iowa Independent, has an eye-popping investigative report detailing the The American Future Fund (AFF), the Iowa-based GOP group that is behind radio and TV ads attacking numerous closely contested congressional races across the country, including radio and TV attacks on U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall here in Colorado. Keep reading for details on the group, whose key players were behind the Swift Boat and Willie Horton ads.

Beauprez Press Conference: Leaker was a Courageous Whistleblower

Click the image to view the video from 7News.The Beauprez campaign released the following statement: Breaking News: Beauprez Statement from Press Conference (ENGLEWOOD, CO) Gubernatorial...
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