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Secretive ‘clean government’ group dings Tapia in new ad

A campaign criticized for refusing to disclose its financial supporters recently purchased a series of television attack ads targeting "backroom deals for political insiders," the first of which assails a Democratic state senator for failing to disclose his financial ties to specific legislation.

Obama tackles Ayers in radio ad, Plouffe fires back at ‘smears’

Barack Obama responds to criticism of his relationship with William Ayers in a radio ad that began airing in Colorado on Tuesday with a dig at John McCain for "resorting to desperate attacks." At the same time, McCain protested that Obama has forced him to bring up Ayers during the third debate in New York tonight, and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe released a video meant to counteract an "unprecedented sleaze factory" from the McCain campaign and anti-Obama groups.

NRCC, DCCC spur latest Musgrave, Markey slugfest

The armada has arrived. After months of going it alone, the campaigns of Republican Rep. Marilyn Musgrave and Democratic challenger Betsy Markey are now getting help from their respective national parties — the latest signal of just how much interest this sizzling-hot race has generated in a traditionally GOP stronghold.

Massive ad buy smacks Schaffer as ‘war profiteer’

Hot on the heels of an ad tying Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and sweatshop operators, a campaign finance watchdog group hit the Denver airwaves Monday morning with a second ad blasting Schaffer as a "war profiteer"over an Iraqi oil deal he negotiated.

War vets group unleashes swing-state attack ads on McCain

A group of Afghanistan and Iraq War veterans responsible for a blistering attack on Republican Marilyn Musgrave a month ago launched a $1.3 million campaign in swing states Wednesday, including a hard-hitting TV ad that questions John McCain's commitment to veterans.

Ad hammers Schaffer over Abramoff ties, sweatshop ‘investigation’

A campaign finance watchdog group unleashed a brutal attack on Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer on Tuesday, charging the former congressman with defending sweatshop operators at the behest of lobbyist Jack Abramoff in an ad set to air on Denver television stations. Campaign Money Watch also called on Schaffer to provide evidence for repeated claims he caused a sweatshop to shut down after his junket to the U.S. protectorate in the South Pacific.

Ad hits McCain in Spanish for ‘turning his back’ on immigration...

The Obama campaign will begin airing a Spanish-language ad Wednesday in Colorado slamming John McCain for "the same distortions and lies on the immigration issue," according to The Washington Post. It's part of a contest for the Hispanic vote carried out largely beneath the mainstream media's radar with both campaigns waging attacks in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida, the Post reports.

Palin raises discredited Obama-Ayers link at Colorado fundraiser

She didn't flip any pancakes, but Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sure threw plenty of red meat to well-heeled donors Saturday when she accused Sen. Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists who targeted their own country" at a Centennial Airport fundraiser that was closed to the public.

Clear Channel pulls anti-Musgrave ad from airwaves

A radio advertisement against Rep. Marilyn Musgrave being run by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund was pulled off the air briefly Thursday by Clear Channel Communications after questions over accuracy in the attack were raised. The DOWAF modified the ad slightly in response and the ad has subsequently been reinstated on Clear Channel stations.

Aerial wolf killing ad blasts Palin in Colorado

A TV ad tying Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the "savagery" of gunning down wolves from low-flying airplanes began airing on Denver broadcast stations Wednesday, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund announced. The commercial scored higher than any other recent ad swaying voters toward the Democratic ticket, according to an independent focus group study, and has raised more than $1 million for the wildlife advocacy group.
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