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Ruling: Auraria Higher Ed Center discriminated against workers

The Auraria Higher Education Center, the group overseeing the universities housed on Denver’s Auraria Campus, discriminated against Latino janitors based on their national origin,...

Auraria students demand debt-free future at Million Student March

Dozens of students walked out of classes yesterday to gather at the center of Denver’s Auraria campus to demand a debt-free future after graduation....

Obama in Denver promises action, with or without Congress

DENVER-- As anticipated, President Obama this morning detailed his plan to use an executive order to ease the burden of student loan debt that presently presses down on tens of millions of Americans. Speaking in shirt sleeves and drawing on his own struggles with student debt as a young man, husband and father, Obama told the energized crowd in an event center hall on the downtown university Auraria Campus that he was determined for the foreseeable future to act wherever possible to relieve economic distress in the country without going through the gridlocked Congress.

Romanoff eschews PAC money, explains surprising low-key campaign

DENVER-- Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and former Colorado Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff told a crowd of about 30 students closely gathered in the Senate Room at the Auraria Higher Education Campus Wednesday that he was trying to lead by example with his so-far low-key campaign. Earlier in the day his staff announced Romanoff would not be taking Political Action Committee contributions.

Two people arrested after DNC protest

Two people were arrested on the Auraria Campus just as a large anti-war protest outside the Pepsi Center was coming to a close. According to the People's Law Project, a group organizing legal observers to monitor police activities at Democratic National Convention protests, two people were stopped by law enforcement officers at 1:37 p.m. At least one of them was an anti-war protester. They were arrested for not giving their names to the officers.
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