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Wiretap: Greece celebrates ‘no’ on austerity amid shuttered banks, broke economy

Still broke Greece's "Oxi" vote against austerity was more political than economic. After the historic "no" vote and the celebration that followed, Greece is still...

Wiretap: Damn the torpedoes and the unemployed, austerity is the new...

Longterm unemployment is at its highest rate since World War II. How could it possibly be a good idea to scale back benefits for the longterm unemployed? There's an easy answer to that question. It's not a good idea.

Wiretap: The fun bunch of gunnies in the parking lot

In Colorado, if they don't like the way you think on guns, they might recall you. In Texas, it's different. You meet to talk about gun-safety laws and find that, out in the parking lot, there's a group brandishing shotguns, hunting rifles, AR-15s and AK-47s.
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