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Winger radio host Hewitt brings ‘Boycott GM’ message to Colorado

Radio talker Hugh Hewitt -- fresh off his call for American consumers to boycott General Motors -- arrives in Colorado on Friday for a congressional fund raiser in Denver and the chance to mingle with up-and-coming conservatives in Parker.

Bankers and their GOP friends battle American people, cont’d

Monday, the state was presented with the downcast rural face of the banking crisis -- the fallout in Greeley of the bad loans and shrinking reserves that mark the nation's economic reality. How many more Greeleys should we expect to see in the next few months? According to the influential Baseline Scenario bloggers, it depends on who wins in the great and mostly unreported battle that's waging between the Finance Industry and the American People.

Would a gas tax hike save Detroit?

As the nation’s automakers near collapse, global temperatures rise, and consumers and government wallow in debt, there might be a one-stop remedy for all three: raise the gas tax. The chief boosters of the idea are not Washington policymakers. Instead, they are some of the nation’s top economists, environmentalists and newspaper editorial boards.

Big 3 bailout votes split by party lines, campaign contributors

It doesn't come as much surprise that the Colorado congressional delegation's votes on the $14 billion financial bailout of the U.S. auto industry split along party lines. The House Dems supported the bill while their Republican counterparts, CD 5's Doug Lamborn and CD 4's Marilyn Musgrave, rejected the plan. Retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo did not vote. Where it gets interesting is the apparent correlation between partisan vote splitting and which special interest group supports said lawmaker.
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