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VIDEO: Iowa’s feisty debate ups straw poll ante

AMES — Tensions reached their apex Thursday night during the Fox News/Washington Examiner GOP presidential debate, sending Republican enthusiasm through the roof with less than 48 hours until the Ames Straw Poll gates open Saturday.

Put your money on the barrel: British oddsmakers handicap the presidential...

Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann currently has 7-to-4 odds of emerging victorious from the Iowa caucuses, says a British bookmaking site. On both sides of the big pond, however, bookies and the Iowa Electronic Markets are pointing to President Barack Obama to give a repeat performance in the general.

At GOP debate, candidates argue for denying emergency care, birthright citizenship...

The first meaningful Republican debate of the 2011-2012 primary was held in New Hampshire Monday, and the candidates had much to say on how they would handle immigration.

Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings: The post-Huckabee landscape

Although there have been plenty of comings and goings over the past two weeks, the one event that had the largest impact on Iowa politicos was an official announcement from Mike Huckabee that he would not be a 2012 contender. The news, combined with perceived negatives by establishment candidates, allowed for additional forward momentum in the second tier.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart analyzes Pawlenty on O’Reilly

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart appeared as a guest on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor last night and ran down his take on GOP presidential candidates. While Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann got mention, more as a punchline — “If Sarah Palin doesn’t run, Michele Bachmann could definitely put on that blazer” — Tim Pawlenty got props for seeming “like a reasonable guy.” But, Stewart added, Pawlenty has left Minnesota in worse shape than did, say, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings contain some surprises

In the fifth edition of The Iowa Independent’s 2012 Presidential Power Rankings, the panelists take note of debate performances while continuing to search for consensus on which of the potential candidates will lead the pack.

Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings: The Hawkeye State is still...

In this fourth edition of The Iowa Independent’s 2012 Presidential Power Rankings, the panelists give nods to their widest field of potential candidates thus far, spreading their predictions between 13 individuals. Most also see 2012 shaping up as an outsiders-versus-establishment gambit, with the establishment winning if the grassroots are fractured.
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