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Littwin: If you’re looking for an inflection point, you’re looking at...

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when some of the faithless turn hopeful, when some of those desperate to be rid...

These are your state’s gun laws In the wake of mass...

Overall, gun deaths in the United States have dropped by 30% since 1993, but mass shootings are on the rise: there have been more mass shooting...

#Coleg Notebook: Powdered alcohol blues, concealed carry craziness, cont’d

Lawmakers not all pals when it comes to Palcohol It was the debate that launched 1,000 tweets. Should the House agree to a "ban" on powdered...

Baumgardner step-family background check bill comes with backstory

It was a 30-year-old High Standard nine-shot nickel-plated revolver with imitation pearl handles and it was lying on a shelf in a hallway closet. Then it was gone.

Magpul still hiring in Colorado, background check required

The gun-accessory maker is dead-set against a state law requiring criminal background checks for gun purchases, but it's all for them when it comes to screening job applicants.

Littwin: Shooting blanks

A stunning thing happened Monday at the Senate committee hearing to repeal background checks for private gun sales. Nothing happened.

Littwin: Going gun-loving crazy in Castle Rock

It's one to thing to talk about liberty. Let's see if they can show the world what freedom really means in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA.